The Association for Moral Education's Race/Multiculturalism Special Interest Group 


The Race/Multiculturalism SIG is a special interest group within AME with two basic aims: (1) encouraging, promoting, and highlighting within AME scholarship on issues of social justice, marginalization, and discrimination with respect to race, ethnicity, and culture; (2) encouraging scholars from groups marginalized or discriminated against on the basis of their race, ethnicity, or culture to participate in AME, and providing a supportive community within AME for such scholars.

Diversity of AME Plenary Speakers

In 2015, The AME passed a motion to formally require that two diversity goals be met at every conference:
1) One plenary session must be presented by a scholar from a marginalized, disadvantaged, or historically underrepresented group of a racial or ethnic character; and
2) One [plenary session] must be on a topic related to such groups and the moral and civic issues connected to them.

The Race and Multiculturalism SIG would like to compile a helpful shortlist of names to be considered for the 2019 conference in Seattle, WA.

Please submit your suggestions below!

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Name of suggested speaker
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Color in Context is an ongoing series within the Race/Multiculturalism SIG website. This series was born from the desire to have spaces for SIG members and others to discuss color and colorism in its various incarnations across geographic, social, and political contexts. Each entry in the series provides a different perspective on these topics in the hopes of providing a basis for further discussions through your posted comments. We look forward to conversing with you!